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Mark’s Top 10 Favorite Places To-Date

We get asked all the time “what was your favorite” and it’s almost impossible to say as we love different places and experiences for different reasons. Here’s a list of my current top 11 places and/or experiences in no particular order.


Everything is so beautiful and clean. The lakes and rivers are only rivaled by what we saw in New Zealand. The mountains are amazing and seeing the little villages and homes way up on the mountainsides. Make sure you bring a ton of money as it was likely the most expensive place we visited.


Algarve (South Portugal)

Cheap and beautiful is what comes to mind here.¬†We visited a few different cities in this region and really liked them all. Beautiful beaches and landscapes, cheap food, accommodations and booze could all be had. It’s also one of the cheapest places to go Skydiving and with a view of the beach and ocean made for an epic tandem skydive experience for both of us!


Greek Islands

The amazing water and beaches. Oh and the food! Plus it’s fairly affordable compared to many other European countries. I hated Santorini; it was a tourist nightmare. Crete and Ios were amazing and I really wish we had time to explore a few more of the quieter island (Sifnos and Siros) but a storm trapped us in Santorini longer than we planned.


Rogoznica (Croatia)

Croatia has some beautiful water like Greece but sandy beaches are hard to find. Croatia appears to be getting pretty touristy too, especially Split and Dubrovnik, so we found this very quaint little town near Split, Rogoznica, that was perfect for us and quite affordable.


Masai Mara Game Drive (Kenya)

This was what I pictured of Africa Safari all jam-packed into a condensed area. Luckily it was the last game drive for us on our 23 day trip otherwise the rest of the game drives would have been far less exciting as this one was epic.


Milford Sound (New Zealand)

The trip into Milford Sound and Milford Sound itself will have you saying “Wow” constantly. Some of the most incredible, if not the most incredible landscapes we had seen.



Originally we were just going to spend a few hours in Budapest while on our way to Vienna. We liked it so much we changed our plans and stayed a few nights. It’s a weird looking city because it has the beautiful European buildings you’d see in other great cities and then has some ugly communist monstrosities mixed into it. Lots of interesting history to it also. And the best part of all, it had far fewer tourists than cities like Prague and Vienna and wayyyy more affordable.



Touristy, yes, but so much awesome here. Lots of interesting historical places to visit like the Roman Coliseum, The Roman Forum, Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica.



Our whole time spent in Jordan was awesome. Petra: amazing. Wadi Rum: amazing. The people: friggin’ amazing. Prices: generally amazing (it ranged from very cheap to ‘holy-shit gouging the tourists’ prices).


Canyoneering (Cebu Island, Philippines)

This is an experience I’ll always remember. It’s hard to explain. I definitely recommend you book the “full course” canyoneering tour which includes both the Alegria section of canyon and the Badian section of canyon. It’s a bit confusing to try and book so you’ll want read more here about our experience.


If you’re counting then you realized I lied and couldn’t narrow it down to just 10 places/experiences. There might be a few more added to this list…


Siquijor Island (Philippines)

When I think of perfect tropical island destination this is it. Super chill. Beautiful beaches. Very affordable. Cool stuff to do and see. We lucked out and found 2 amazing accommodations with fantastic views and for crazy cheap. Also, lots of other tourist places in Southeast Asia have vendors constantly trying to sell you stuff and bother you; this only happened once when we got off the ferry when we landed (and it was mild compared to what we’ve seen).


Notable Mentions…

Gorilla Trekking (this would be in my top 10 but we got stuck with an awful family in our tour group who almost ruined it completely for me)

Lake Bled (Slovania)

Levanto (near Cinque Terre, Italy)

Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Dubai (UAE)

Abu Dhabi (UAE)


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